Scratch the itch you feel is the winning spot in Tiki Lottery

Can’t you take the pressure of knowing what is under the deadly 9 squares of this topical island treasure chest lotto scratcher. It could be something big or perhaps it can be bigger. If you like big trips to mysterious islands for finding your fortune you’ll have fun searching for it here.
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Tiki Lottery - online scratch card by NYX Inetractive

Going anywere interesting lately. How about a tropical vaction to the wildest scratch card island on the pacific rim. Boiling hot with lava-like plays, this scratcher refuses to curse your day when you have some serious itching for wins to make. Stop on by to make this Tiki idol your biggest scratch yet!

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I can’t believe this actually has rules to play but if you have to hear it first then this is the simple part of this trip. Safe scratching is always better using these simple tips. After you get your vaction-likeTiki scratcher you simply pick the spots you think are the winning squares first. Under the happy laughing tiki god icon you’ll see the amount under that spot. If you match any three of the amounts shown on the card then it’s surely an instant winner. However if you have the time to pick all the symbols one by one, since you have to see if there is any win on this card you will no doubt go through all nine icons on the card. Where you have a matching 3 in the play, that’s the payout you get. If you like the excitment of seeing whats under the symbol and also like unique one play games this is great fun!

Tread lightly on this island where certain idols that can be lucky are found hidden under these funny looking Tiki’s. You’ll laugh at how the feeling of winning can be a mini-vacation in itself.
Tiki or not Tiki, That is the Question in this scratcher lottery.