Three Wheeler: A wheel spinning game of chance

A game of chance similar to roulette, Three Wheeler is a mind-bender offering interesting opportunities for wagering. Bet on number combinations and win.
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Three Wheeler casino table game -- A variation on online roulette

Three Wheeler is a game of chance. It is played on a three tiered spinning wheel, with each tier of the wheel spinning independently. You must guess the outcome of the final stop position of the three wheels. The diverse range of betting options enables you to bet on a specific wheel position per wheel, or on the total value of the positions indicated by the win line across all the wheels.

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Three Wheeler is something like roulette except, as the name implies, there are three wheels here, each with numbers 1-6 on them.

In Three Wheeler, the majority of action takes place before the spin. Choose to bet on a single number coming up; "doubles" or two of the same number coming up; triples which pay the same way; the total of the numbers shown on the spin; or combinations of any two numbers appearing.

Click SPIN to start play. When you do, the three wheels will turn around and finally stop. The computer will line up the three closest numbers and these are the paying combinations in the round.
On one hand, Three Wheeler is a bit of a strange game; on the other hand, you have to wonder why no one thought of it sooner...
Why spin once when you can play Three Wheeler?