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There are different types of bets in 3 Wheel Roulette™ with the regular roulette bets of inside and outside bets, 2 to 1 bets, even money bets, straight and split bets, and so on. Bet a Color up bonus in addition to any table bets made. Check paytable for Color up bonus payouts and winning combinations.
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3-Wheel Roulette casino game -- Three wheels, three ways to win

Quickly becoming one of the more popular roulette games, 3 Wheel Roulette™ is a roulette game where there’s one bet but 3 wheels. The chips are equally distributed amongst the 3 wheels. Place an additional bet on the Color Up bonus to win bonus pays. The ball spins and falls into a section of the wheel and all 3 reels will line up giving players 3 chances at a winning number(s). If players have a bet covering a final number they will win relative to the bet type and the number of wheels with that number. Receive the Color up Bonus if the final numbers match a combination listed in the Color Up Bonus paytable.

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Select a chip value, click the spots in which you’d like to place a bet and each click stacks chips in a spot. Number boards above show the amount bet and payout ratios. Click the clear button to change a bet. If you wish to continue completing the game click rebet and spin. A double bet button doubles wager every time a player clicks it. The doubling does not apply to the Color up bonus.

3 Wheel Roulette™ offers players 3x the excitement increasing the chances to win by 3. Also, not only are there 3 wheels but there is also a Color Up Bonus™ based on the final numbers from the 3 wheels.
A single Color Up Bonus bet makes players eligible for a half dozen different awards including 100x and even 1000x pays.