Good with 5 cards, but how are you at playing Three Card Poker?

Three Card Poker allows players to compete in both standard Three Card Poker gameplay, and in the Pair Plus bonus round. Although a lot of money can be won in the Pair Plus bonus round, players are generally not advised to risk it.
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The Three Card Poker table game– An exciting new challenge

There is much more to this poker game than it being an actual, simple poker game. Firstly, players can choose how they wish to play. Does a player want to play a standard Ante game, or perhaps they would like to try out the Pair Plus bonus game? The choice is of course, up to them. Aside from its basic poker table look, there is a great deal that is different about this table game, however if you have a vague idea about poker, you should do just fine.

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Players have a range of chips that they can wager. These chips include 0.10, 0.50, 1.00, 5.00 and 25.00 per hand. The minimum amount a player may stake per hand is therefore a meagre 0.10, whilst the maximum stake is 25.00 per hand.

When playing the Ante game, players must attempt to beat the dealer with a three card poker hand. Players can raise their bet and if the dealer doesn’t manage to qualify for the hand, the player is paid 1-1, with your bet returned. Should the dealer’s hand qualify, the player receives even money for both bets.

If a player should decide to bet on the Pair Plus bonus round (or side bet, as it really is), they will need to place an additional stake. Players can also choose to just place a stake on the Pair Plus and not the Ante, if they wish. A player wins if they have a pair or better in their hand. Bigger payouts see a Three of a kind being worth a payout of 30-1, whilst a Straight Flush is worth 40-1.
This is essentially two very popular poker games, rolled into one...