Instant wins up to 10,000x the wager in Texas Hold 'Em Instant Win!

Better than scratch and sniff stickers, the Texas Hold 'Em Instant Win game is here to make a play for your attention. With only a buck to play any hand, you can even bet as much as 10 dollars per hand for a bigger possible prize. No need to fold 'em, this game is always about Texas Hold 'Em!
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Here's a game you can always win with any Ace, in Texas Hold 'Em.

Hold on partner, did you say instant win? That's right poker fans! This is the Texas Hold 'Em Instant Win card. How does it work? Well, like many other scratcher cards you place a wager and let it rip. If you win you could be looking at 10,000x the payout for a winning hand!

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Finally you get the chance to play Texas Hold 'em without the messy poker faces all over the place. There's literally no skill involved nor do you need to Ante to start this game. All you need is to place a wager that ranges from a simple dollar up to 10 dollars. One tip to winning anything will aid your chances of bigger wins along the way. If you have an Ace, this is the first step to gaining further prize amounts.
Up to 10,000x the amount if you believe is that miracle hand! What's nice about this instant win is that it really does look like a real card game rather than the simple scratcher motif. The finely animated movements give a real sense of being dealt a winning hand even if you win nothing at all. With a little bit of luck with the Texas Hold 'Em Instant Win, your winning hand may just become a reality.

Ever wonder what 10,000x the winning amount looks like? Try this Instant win card game and see for yourself. With a buck minimum, you can't lose! Well, just maybe a buck and that's not bad at all.
Buckle-up partner, get ready to ride the Hold 'Em Express.