Terminator 2 online slot: Famous sci-fi franchise gets a slot

Apparently looking to reproduce the big-budget Terminator movie series (well, at least parts 2, 3 and 4), Microgaming has launched its Terminator 2 slot game, packed with features, video clips from the series’ second flick and a 440,000-coin jackpot payout.
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Arnold makes good on “I’ll be back” promise with kickass

Despite progressively more and more nonsensical sequels and an utterly insane television program, the Terminator franchise has proven nearly as resilient as that unstoppable, remorseless titular cyborg of James Cameron’s original flick from 1984. The proof: Pre-production on a fifth motion picture. Also the Terminator 2 online slot game, which includes video clips from the installment boasting the best special effects of the entire series – not to mention a $440,000 jackpot payout.

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The Terminator 2 slot (incidentally, why did the folks at Microgaming choose to drop the “Judgment Day” subtitle) is high on extra features, as in most big-name releases from the online casino software giant. 

When in free spins, the T-1000 symbol will transform via cool f/x to one of the characters to form winning combinations. Your bankroll may in fact be targeted for termination at the online casino, but even jaded players should have a lot of fun playing regardless – and hey, no apocalyptic nuclear war at the end.
Here’s to thinking that we’ll never see Terminator 1, 3 or 4 slot games any time soon because, after all, who really remembers those last two? Meanwhile, after losing a plagiarism-based lawsuit to Harlan Ellison regarding the first … well, we’ll just have to make do with this quite nice casino game.