Who wouldn't want two 10s in their hand?

Rival Gaming does the traditional video poker variation one better with its Tens or Better online casino game. For that little extra boost (and wee bit better odds), try it.
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Tens or better

How is this video poker game different than the more traditional "Jacks or Better"? Exactly how you'd think: Now that pair of 10s is also a winning hand, making the total payout on this game a healthy 99.14%.

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This sharp-looking variant plays the same as your standard online video poker game. Choose an amount to wager and press DEAL. You'll receive five cards with which to build the best possible poker hand.

You will then get a chance to discard as many cards as you'd like -- from zero to five -- and have them replaced to form the hand. And, of course, any hand with a pair of 10s or better is a winner.

It's just like Jacks or Better video poker, except that one extra hand -- the pair of 10s -- also becomes a winner for the player.
Video poker now pays out at 94.1%