Tens or Better Power Poker offers four more chances to win 4000x stake

A little smart and silly at the same time is the best way to describe Tens or Better Power Poker. You can stake amounts of 25 cents up to 5 bucks for each coin value, as long as you play the full 5 coins things will pay the top amount for wins. Cross your fingers, it's gonna be a fun ride!
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Straight-up simple hands might just be Tens or Better Power Poker wins.

Normally you can play some games that allow you to build up a hand of poker. Here's a more simplified version that is way cooler. In the Tens or Better Power Poker slot, you get a chance to win up to 4000x the wager for each hand staked! That's 4 chances to win big in each round on a single play!

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Now here's where the game of Tens or Better Power Play takes a very serious turn. You can stake up to 5 coins for each round. There's only 4 sets of poker cards that are played so where is that final coin going? This is where the odds of higher payout are going. A single coin played will only pay 500x for a royal flush no matter what the amount wagered is. The best option to play is a 5 coin play no matter what!

Choose your cards at the bottom of the screen and it plays 4 hands automatically after pressing the deal button again. It's smart enough to hold bigger payouts with pairs and such, so there is little to figure-out while playing. 

You'll love this game since the rules are pretty obvious already. Drop the cards you don't want and hold what you like. Easy as pie if you like simple poker plays!
Bonus bets after each win might get you extra winning coins in Tens or Better 4-Play Power Poker...