Incredible Royal Flush wins with Tens or Better online poker

Whether you like video poker or not, the best way to win is steady rounds and max coins used. With Tens or Better video poker, you may bet as little as 10 cents per coin and still be lucky to win the 4000 coin Royal Flush. Whoo-hoo!
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Tens or Better video poker pays top 4000 coin jackpot

You’ve seen them all before, the video poker games which promise more than they deliver. Until you try this version of Tens or Better video poker, you may never know what kind of winning combo can be won. Automatic cards are held for a winning hand. Check it out!

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Playing video poker has many faces. This version is based on Tens or Better slot poker which has the lowest of the odds to win with just tens or better. Think you can do better? Stakes allowed sure beat the usual versions you’ll find. Bet from 5 levels of coins used to better a winning payout.

All wagers start at just 10 cents per coin and allow as much as $2.50 per coin for all max bets. After wagering, the cards are laid-out. Pick from the 5 cards shown to secure a potential winning hand. Locked cards showing the ‘Held’ sign are your best chance to see you have a win coming around.

It may turn into a stronger hand or pay the amount shown in the pay table. Your best shot at winning bigger is to use all 5 coins for each hand to reach top winning returns. Buttons are easy to use and are one-touch for simplified play. Enjoy.

Tens or Better video poker features low stake rounds with maximum returns for a 5 coin play. Play to win with tens or better and double returns are easy.
Tens or Better video poker with 5 levels of coin stake bets and top 4000 coin payout!