Get to be the son of the beach in Surf Paradise.

Never get sand in your face on this beach front. Grip that slot board to ride some pretty heavy waves of mega-action jackpot winning chances. Up to 20 thousand dollars of payout prizes if you ride this 3 reel just right! Way cool rolling riffs on this beach where you got the heat of the surfing sun on your side.
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Surf Paradise - classic slot game online by Rival with wild symbols

No need to be a surf-bum in this pleasing slot. It's all about catching the big wave of wins with a no-frills approach to playing. Never a dull spin with the chances to ride the perfect wave into the biggest cash-swell ever seen. It's a tidal wave of kahuna wins.

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Grab your sex-wax and get on the surfing safari into the real tsunami of big wins. How else can a game be so easy to win when the chances are even obvious to any beach comber who knows where to rake-in the treasures just under the surface. This 20K jackpot slot features a gaggle of surfin' suprises making the scene even more splashy along the way. No need for bonus games or looking for scatters here since there is really just the pure zen of surf included at no extra charge. Even a casual playing round worth a dip into this money pond without loosing your shirt. The minimum play is just pennies but the payout can be well-worth the swelling amount it can become quickly. Jump on in and give this wild ride a spin! Dr. Zogg would be impressed with your chances to make the big wave come around so easy in this slot.

Sunsets never get old when the winning rolls are gonn have you jumping back into the surf for more spins. Great wins along the way with plenty to wash you away in this paradise.
Get a grip and ride this babe all the wave to the bank!