SuperDiscs: Like online roulette but with three times the wheels

The SuperDiscs casino game is surely most easily described as a roulette-style game. Three wheels marked with numbers 0-3 spin in unison to form a single number on which to bet. Will it be a high number or low? Will three of a kind land? Feel lucky enough to wager on a specific number? You decide!
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SuperDiscs - online wheel casino game on 3 ways

Yet another variation on roulette, SuperDiscs involves three small wheels each numbered 0-3. Wagers (and winnings) hopefully are based on sum total and individual outcomes of each wheel spun. Bet on three of a kind coming up, high/low, odd/even and more.

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The SuperDiscs online casino game by OpenBet software is akin to traditional roulette-type wheel games, but this one is formatted a bit differently, with three smaller wheels spinning altogether to produce a result for the player.

The three wheels are marked with the numbers 0 through 3, thereby producing a result of 0 through 9. This grand total may be wagered on, as may “doubles,” i.e. any two wheels showing the same number; “triples”; whether the number is high or low, odd or even; and whether the red, blue or green highlighted wheel will show the highest number.

A particularly wacky bet comes with the “Bonus Wheel” bet. If you figure the sequence of five consecutive spins will run high-low-high-low-high, make this wager. Succeed in finishing the sequence and huge payoffs await.

For something completely different in an online roulette game, try SuperDiscs by OpenBet software creators. How well can you predict how the three wheels (that’s right, three wheels) will land?
Online roulette divided by three – it’s SuperDiscs by OpenBet!