Your flagship has just come in with Super Tricolor jackpots worth 50,000 coins

So many colors might be considered a real claim for the old glory flag with red, white, and blue being the main colors to watch for. Super Tricolor 4-reel slot is a dual function slot game with more than 50,000x the stake that can be won with 100's of extra that are awarded in the bonus round. Blast-off today!
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Outer space mayhem is just a Super Tricolor spin away on this 4-reel slot

Are you willing to risk it all with the mindless insanity of Super Tricolor 4-reel slot? There's two kinds of reels here that can win superior amounts of cash wins including a 50,000 coin jackpot, or even the Bonus Super Tricolor reel spin that matches colors for mighty fine extra prizes!

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Once you begin to realize that Super Tricolor is not the typical 3-reel slot game, you'll see the promise of some rather incredible wins. Make a break for the 4-reel spinner of the universe entitled: Super Tricolor. As you can see this has 3 reels with a multiplier wheel for the 4th reel. In order to enter the 4th reel you have to play all 5 coins in this game. This is not as bad as it seems since you can begin stakes for only 2 cents per coin, for every coin played. When these 5 coins are active the spins will begin the process of lining-up potential matches.

What appears to be the coat of arms symbols are the top payable icons, multipliers range between 10-100x the amount for any matched win. Extra coins are also given in the same way. The Bonus reel is activated with a Super Tricolor Game symbol on any win stakes with 5 coins! Land any solid colors and it can win up to 1-5x the amount through 8 free spins total!

Hit the peak of riches that don't have to exceed more than 10 cents per spin. Now that's only the start of your climb to this peak of rewards that can be won.
Massive multipliers can increase any normal win into Tricolors!