Super Las Vegas video poker: Roll like they do in Sin City

Leaping lounge lizards, the Super Las Vegas video poker game is always a treat for playing any time of the day. At the best low stakes offered, a 10 cent hand can still win 20 bucks if you hit a Royal Flush! Not bad since the gamble game might double that win too.
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Be clever enough, land a Royal Flush in Super Las Vegas, win big

Don’t worry about losing your shirt while playing the Super Las Vegas video poker game. Upon wagering a 5 dollar max bet you can win up to 1000 dollars for a Royal Flush. The easier wins start with Jacks or Better and Pairs. Even try the gamble game!

Play for real money 100% safely at these licensed and fully regulated online casinos:

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Just like the elegant life-style of Las Vegas is shown, even this great video poker slot has an escort babe lurking close-by. It’s not hard to win at the Super Las Vegas video poker game since all that is needed is a strong hand in order to win any of the prizes.

While you can play for demo fun, you may also play for real using low-roller stakes of 10 cents up to 5 dollars per hand. The top Royal Flush will pay between 20 bucks up to 1000 dollars depending on your wager used. Since this is a single hand game, you won’t have the option to play any of the multi-hands at all.

When any luck hand does win, the next offer you’ll get is not from the raven-haired gal. This is coming from the gamble dice game. The amount won is automatically offered to gamble in this game or not. Guess correctly and you win double, or lose the bet completely. Not to worry, there’s always a next time. At these low stakes, it’s not much lost at all.

Great hands of video poker with no minimum drink limit at all. Super Las Vegas poker plays can make an evening of single hand poker come-alive! Get loaded with wins today!
Super Las Vegas video poker online: Low-roller stakes with a revealing casino babe sporting her assets...