Super Keno is standard keno, with a twist; a super number for big wins

Super Keno is played with a full board of 80 numbers, with gamers able to select up to 10 numbers (or hits) on a typical ticket. The added bonus feature will reward players greatly with multipliers if they manage to snare it, and you’ve of course got a 1/8 chance of that happening. The multipliers are a nice touch, in what is otherwise a pretty standard keno game.
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The Super Keno game by BetOnSoft – Power number your way to a large keno win

Super Keno is a neatly designed keno game that has been developed by Pariplay. This keno game hasn’t any particular theme per sé, but if one needed to be attributed to it, then perhaps a superman style game could be mooted? There is a centralised game board, with the gaming control at the bottom and the ticket and results bars on either side of the game board.

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Super Keno is cheap enough to play for players on a budget. Gamers can begin with wagers costing as little as 1.00 per game. Players wishing to win larger sums of money can place a total maximum stake of 5.00 per game.

There aren’t too many special features and buttons to get excited about in this slot. There is an auto-pick button which will enable players to have as their numbers randomly selected for them. A Super Keno number will be chosen at random before each game, and if this number comes up during gameplay, then the player will win up to 4x the regular amount.

The Super Keno game is nicely laid out, making it easily playable and ensuring that gamers have no trouble understanding the information presented to them. An added feature not normally incorporated into keno games, the bonus ball (if you will) is the only thing that really stands out though.
Super keno, but where is the super?