Microgaming thins the deck, fattens the paying hands

In Super Fun Blackjack 21, the notables start with the single-deck shoe and continue into a list of weird hands that also pay ... definitely one for the jaded blackjack enthusiast!
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Play all kinds of Blackjack games for fun or cash like in Super Fun Blackjack 21

In this riff on Blackjack presented by Microgaming software, the most appealing feature is the single-deck shoe -- plus there's lots of wacky extra options for surrendering, doubling down and splitting, too!

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Beyond standard blackjack play, online players should also remember the following in playing Super Fun Blackjack 21:

-- The player can continue splitting for up to four hands.

-- Splitting aces is allowed, as are doubling down and re-splitting aces. 

-- Dealer hits on soft 17.
-- A "late surrender" is in effect, including the opportunity to surrender after doubling down.
-- Blackjack is still an automatic win for the player, but only pays at 1:1.
-- Hands totaling 21 points with five cards or more automatically wins and pays at 2:1 wager.
-- Hands totaling 20 points or fewer but using six or more cards is also an automatic win for the player.
-- A "diamond blackjack," i.e. ace of diamonds plus diamond face card, is worth 2:1 wager.
Want extra options to surrender, a much simpler deck and just enough weirdness to make you think a bit? Super Fun Blackjack 21 is your game!
You should still always split 8s...