Super Fun 21: old-fashioned blackjack gaming on a computer screen near you!

Microgaming’s Super Fun 21 is pretty much just good, honest, straightforward blackjack. The dealer must stand on a soft 17, hitting blackjack pays even money, and insurance bets payout at 2:1. Naturally, any hand that beats the dealers is a 1:1 payout.
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The Super Fun 21 table game by Microgaming – Standard blackjack, with all the options

Super Fun 21 is a Microgaming designed and developed blackjack game. Using tip top graphics, it is visually appealing from the get go. The sound effects are little primitive, and the card graphics aren’t exactly tip top, but everything else about the game is graphically above par. This is a straight up blackjack game, with no variant rules added.

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The table minimum to play Super Fun 21 is 1.00 per hand. The maximum hand that a player can play is a massive 200.00 per hand. However you play, that is a very expensive game of blackjack, so you’d better make sure you’ve got a winning hand!

There are no special rules in this blackjack game, for it isn’t really a variant, more like the real thing. Super Fun 21 will permit players to surrender, double down, or split, and it does contain insurance bets if the player demands. Like all blackjack games, the aim when playing Super Fun 21 is to make 21 with the cards you have been dealt; nothing more, nothing less. Oh, and don’t go bust (over 21), of course, or you lose!

Why this game isn’t simply called blackjack is anybody’s guess. There are no new features in it that you wouldn’t expect to find in any other blackjack game. The dealer does stick on a soft 17 instead of a hard one and that is a plus, although to be honest; Super Fun 21 is no different than any other blackjack game.
Simple blackjack gameplay, with a broad betting range