Into the deep blue depths for the Sunshine Reef slot rewards

Just nine paylines on five reels, wince-inducing muzak, uninspired graphics – what else can we say except that the Sunshine Reef video slot is a comedown from software producer Microgaming’s typically quality fare.
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Sunshine Reef video slot – Online casino game with video bonus round

The Sunshine Reef slot represents something of comedown from online casino software producer Microgaming’s usual high standards in a frankly generic marine life-themed game. It’s nice that wins can pay from left-to-right beginning in reel one, two or three, but otherwise the shortcomings outweigh the points of interest herein…

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The player knows he/she is in trouble immediately with Microgaming’s online slot game Sunshine Reef: The background music is strictly muzak, a terrible watered-down version of stereotypical Caribbean rhythms. Unfortunately, this slot doesn’t get much more exciting or notable from here.

Sunshine Reef has nine paylines which may be played for anywhere between 1¢ to $10 per line. Wins pay left to right as per usual, but a sequence of three like symbols may run from reels 1-3, 2-4 or 3-5 to cash in as a winning combination.

Symbols in Sunshine Reef are nauseatingly cheery; among the uppers-taking lot are smiling seahorses, blowfish (but we thought these only inflated when threatened), sea turtles, pearls in clams (but we though pearls were calcareous concretions of the mollusk and not actually living beings in and of themselves), et cetera.

Three bonus treasure chest symbols enter the player into a “pick ‘em” video bonus round. Various creatures of the sea exhort you to choose a chest, any chest for a cash prize.

Sure, a “pick ‘em”-style video round is part of the game in the Sunshine Reef slot game and this will pay the lucky player a few hundred coins. But that’s about the extent of the excitement in this one, a disappointing entry into the Microgaming catalogue.
Experiencing the wonder of the sea at the online casino on the Sunshine Reef…