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Now available in instant flash play through our directory, Rival adds Sukoku to the list. The Sudoku board is a 3 x 3 matrix with nine cells with a Japanese flavor with images of bamboo shoots.Win up to 50,000 coins worth $100,000.
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Sudoku online instant-win game: From Rival Gaming software

Rival has put together an online version of Sudoku. Sudoku is a number box game of Japanese origin that took the world by storm. Go to any airport these days and you will no doubt find a waiting passenger engrossed in a game of Sudoku. Play here for free and play Sudoku in fun mode or for cash money. Win up to $100,000 in casino cash playing Sudoku online.

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The Sudoku pay table in regards to winning goes as such: 1 through 9 in order generates the highest payout at 50,000. The second highest paying out sequence of numbers is 9 matching numbers for 1,000. Third and fourth best payouts are 1 through 9 in any order or 8 matching numbers for 500. Win 200 for 7 matching numbers, 40 for 6 matching numbers, 10 for 5 matching numbers, 2 for 4 matching numbers and 1 for 3 matching numbers. Rival Sudoku box game odds are 96.85%, one of the lowest returns on a casino game. Wager up to $10 a spin when playing with a wager of up to five coins, $2 for each coin. Bet with as little as 1c.

The Japanese number box game that hit the world by storm, Sudoku is now an online casino favorite.
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