Defend the universe with disco hits in the Star Bars 5-reel slot

What can you expect from a slot game where Star Wars and Disco are wrapped-up together as one? That's where Star Bars slot makes the battle for big wins possible. Match symbols to win for just pennies per spin. The force is strong in this 5-reel, so believe in winning!
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Win from the dark side with 1000x the line win in the Star Bars jackpot rewards

A galaxy far, far away has one hot spot that hits harder than 'The Force' ever did! Try your own version of this Star Wars-looking parody that has Star Bars slot potentials. Mixed wins. Disco star music blasts, and Star Bar line wins. Come party with the dark side!

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No matter what the age is, there is something about Star Wars that never ends with imagination. They took the characters of this iconic film and made a disco bar-fest from them. Whichever side you might route for, it's still a big hit! Use 9 paylines with an adequate coin wager for any line played up to 1-5 coins. Penny bets may be used although a max of 50 cents is offered for higher line wins. Combo wins with either the villains, sidekicks, or heroes in a line will pay 3x the line stake for a win.

Dark Vapor is the highest win available with 1000x the coin prize when 5 of his symbols hit a line combo. Bars and double bars also win great coin prizes too! When the Disco Star shows up on the center reel is will trigger the bonus round to pay multipliers based upon your coins wagered and lines staked. There aren't many extras besides that, so it's all based on the lucky force used to spin these reels. Feel the force and play today.

Not exactly driven into retirement, the cast of Star Wars returns to play the slot game that launches a retro pot of spaced-out coin prizes. Feel the force to win it all.
With a little help of 'The Force', you can win on either side of the table!