Star Trek slot: Beam me to a WagerWorks-powered online casino!

One of the planet’s biggest entertainment franchises, Star Trek, finally comes to the online casino with the new Star Trek internet slot by WagerWorks. 21st-century graphics tell the epic tale of the 23rd-century beautifully and the four different bonus rounds keep things interesting … until the Klingons show up, that is.
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Star Trek online slot game with video action, high-tech effects

Is this the single biggest franchise to ever be morphed into an online slot game? After all, the brand new Star Trek slot represents the adoption of a full-on cultural phenomenon – and certainly what is to become a top title among online casino players. Maximum warp to a WagerWorks-powered internet casino, Mr. Sulu!

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The 30-payline Star Trek slot game is similar to many others of its ilk – excepting the starring roles played by the latest Trek film’s super-cool cast of characters – but the bonus rounds are what set Star Trek a few light-years ahead of the online slots crowd.

Match two bonus symbols with Kirk, Spock, Uhura or Scotty to enter one of four unique bonus rounds. Since the Captain “doesn’t believe in no-win scenarios,” Kirk’s bonus allows the player to start with three to six spins at 3x multiplier, but each of those spins is a guaranteed winner.

Spock, meanwhile, is “emotionally compromised” and so “goes wild” with 10 to 15 retriggerable free spins. Uhura reports “scatter frequencies open, Captain” and so rewards six to 12 free spins with extra payouts when the scatter lands. Scotty naturally gives “it all she’s got, Captain” and rewards ten free spins, the second five of which get a double bonus multiplier of 4x to 10x.

For high-tech, 23rd century action in an online slot, it’s got to be Star Trek.

Star Trek: the final frontier for online casinos. This is the internet slot game of the starship Enterprise. Its five-reel mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out scatters and new original bonus rounds, to boldly play where no one has played before.
Star Trek slots sure to be the phenomenon of online casinos in 2011