Play long and prosper: Team up with Kirk, Spock et al in Star Trek slot

We could have sworn Captain Kirk himself stated in “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home” that in the 23nd century, there is no money. You never could tell from the Star Trek Against All Odds slot game, which awards healthy cash prizes in lots of bonus rounds and across what amounts to 720 paylines. Engage!
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Star Trek Against All Odds video slot – Unique “All Ways” game

So the first movie in the Star Trek franchise reboot was simply “Star Trek” and the next installation will be known as “Star Trek Into Darkness” … this didn’t stop some enterprising (hee hee) casino game designers from creating a unique new plotline (sort of) for the “Star Trek Against All Odds.” With a unique diamond-shaped game board and a highly engaging (stop me now), action-packed video bonus round, this online slot will appeal beyond Trek fandom.

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The storyline behind the “Star Trek Against All Odds” slot game is a complex tale culled from the “Star Trek” reboot film and a subplot from the 2009 comic book series. The big bad is Nero of the future Romulan mining-cum-war ship Narada, from which Kirk and Spock must swipe the ultra-destructive red matter.

Sabotage missions? Exploding ships? Red matter? No matter! What you need to know about is the unbeatable style and panache of this game. The five reels are laid out in a diamond shape, with reels sporting three, four, five, four and three columns, respectively. The game charges against 60 paylines on max bet, but as an “All Ways” game, left-to-right and right-to-left combinations make up 720 lines in all.

And then there are the bonus features … the “Energizing Wilds” feature has between two and five ordinary symbols transformed into wilds to generate some more winning combinations on the spin.

Landing five bonus symbols anywhere on the reels enters the player into the “Enterprise Defender” video round; in this stage, reminiscent of the early Star Wars films and coin-operated arcade games of the 1980s, the Enterprise must, well, blow up enemy ships! For coins! The more heroism shown in this round, the higher the prizes will run in the follow-up wheel-spinning round.

Among the character symbols in the Star Trek Against All Odds online slot are Kirk, Spock, McCoy and … Chekhov?!?!? Everyone repeat after me: “They put creatures in our ears!”
Hitting warp speed in the bonus rounds of Star Trek Against All Odds slot...