Spoof - guess the right coin, your easiest step to guessing the three coin

The easiest part of this game is to guess howe many coins your buddies are holding, if you guess the right amount, you win real money. Just like the old classic pub game, you can challenge yourself to fixed odds of trying to guess which hand holds the right amount of coin denominations.
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Spoof online card game - by OpenBet

If you like the fun and excitment of pub games without the trouble of finding out who will pay the next round, then you'll love "Spoof". It's fast paced fun and certainly not the only time you'll have to guess who is guessing what? Give your hand a try at this old favorite, earn some drinking money while you're at it too!

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In general its an easy game, three coins in each hand, it can be any number of coins amounts but for sure you get to chose what the amount total is being held in each hand. If you guess the right amount of coins in the other players hands then you win. Simple as that! The offchance that you guess the right amount is just as real as it gets when you play for real. This time, take the time to really get your hands into something big. Just like the old pub game used to be this is your big chance to guess the number of coins for your new drinking buddies who never buy the next round. Give Spoof a t try and see who can swallow the bigger amount by guessing who has the right one from the start, This game can be totally addicting for anyone who loves excitment without the hangover.

Try your hand at Spoof, it's fast paced guessing on your feet without the bother of buying your buddy a new round. Guess the right amount and you're on your way to the big tab at the bar!
If you love to Guess, then you'll love Spoof. It's 3-coin madness.