It’s a bingo/roulette mash-up casino game - Spingo

Based on a bingo-style draw machine, Spingo uses bingo balls on a roulette wheel for combined casino fun. Numbers range between 1 and 10 and colors are green, red, yellow and blue. Make bets on odd and even numbers and place chips that range in value from £/€/$0.25 to a £/€/$500.00 per chip.
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The game Spingo begins after making table bets at which time what look like bingo balls will shoot out of a tube from under the wheel and roll into it with a certain number on it. The game has smooth graphics and top notch animation. It’s fast casino action on a 3D roulette wheel with bingo balls.

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Put chips on the numbers and colors that the next balls will land on after making a bet while in real play. While in real play bet on either combinations of number and colors or on green only, zero, a specific number, color, odd or even or on numbers between 1-5 or 5-10. Combination wins are the highest paying out wins at 32x a minimum bet of £/€/$0.25 to a maximum bet of £/€/$500.00   Check the paytable for the bet limits by running your mouse over the card on the table that says Paytable and Bet Lines.

Win big by choosing the correct numbers and colors before the bingo balls drop onto a spinning roulette-style wheel for casino cash. Play in fun mode as well directly from our site.
Microgaming says, “Players can have more fun and more chances of winning big money with this new table game”.