Why not treat yourself to some serious Spanish Blackjack?

Such a great version of Blackjack that you’ll play within a 48 card deck that has no ten cards. Split up to four new and individual hands, all with the same rules applying to any normal blackjack game. Splitting, double-downs, insurance, surrender, and rescue can be played during this game.
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Spanish Blackjack - the card game of Spain by OpenBet

A very different version of Blackjack but played with a 48 card deck with no 10’s. You can split up to 4 separate hands with the same rules that apply to regular blackjack. Splits, doubles, insurances, surrenders, and rescues all can be played in this game with great odds for payouts.

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Just as the first hand is played you’ll start with a hot-blooded bet. If you like the Spanish-style of blackjack you’ll easily be a hi-roller here in this game since you can split the cards up into four different hands if you have the options of pairs and multiple straights. Easily the best part of this game is that Spanish Blackjack is perfect for surrender or a late surrender (when the dealer checks for their blackjack) or if they have an ace card in thier face card on display. There is a button for surrender that pops-up when the option is available and the bet for the hand is only half of the value that was placed. If you’ve doubled on a bet and have to give up the hand this is the rescue and is worth the same cut as the surrender option. A draw of (the push) returns all bets made from the dealer. There is a whopping 99% of the player strategy for good playing which makes this game one of the hottest deals of this version of blackjack.

Try to build your hands up into some big doubled wins and beat the dealer before they have the chance to even check for a 21. It’s totally hot fun!
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