Blackjack is given a new twist, with Microgaming’s version

Microgaming’s Spanish Blackjack Gold Series is just as cheap as any typical blackjack game, with the table minimum and maximum wagers clearly stated on the game, as the player begins to play.
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The Spanish Blackjack Gold Series by Microgaming – A new way to play your favourite card game

Spanish Blackjack Gold Series is one of Microgaming’s table game variants. A variant of blackjack, the table game offers players a twist on the rules, with some additional gambling options. The game is not only a change of rules, but is also a treat on the eyes, with Microgaming using some stunning graphics to bring their game to life.

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This Microgaming take on the many blackjack variants out there, has its perks. As well as bonus payouts, Spanish Blackjack Gold Series has payouts for a 5 card 21, 6 card 21, 7 or more card 21, mixed suit hands, insurance, and much more. The dealer stands on hard 17s in Spanish Blackjack Gold Series.

Spanish Blackjack Gold Series is played with 8 decks, and there are no tens in any of those decks. If a player has blackjack, that beats the dealer’s blackjack, similarly, the rule is also applied for any hand of 21. Late surrender, doubling down, re-doubling down, surrender, splitting, ace re-splitting, and unlike 10 card split are all rules that are permitted in Spanish Blackjack Gold Series.

One downside to playing Microgaming’s Spanish Blackjack Gold Series, is that with the ten cards removed, the house edge dramatically increases. This is compensated for by the introduction of many new rules enabling the player to win easier.
What more can you say? You get to play 12 games without having to switch!