Totally robotic jackpots worth 10,000x the stake in Spacebotz slots

Scrapping used metal is all right enough but when some of that junk is still kicking, you might be in for some problems! SpaceBotz is a unique 5-reel slot that hopefully makes the most of these piles of space junk. With a jackpot worth 10,000x the stake, make the most of your collecting skills.
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Try your luck at the Spacebotz bonus round

The future is still unwritten, so that means you still have a chance to win up to 10 grand in possible jackpot winnings. The bonus round also is sort of a universal challenge where you save the solar system from invading Spacebotz! Rise to the challenge, come and play now!

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All this great technology has gone into making stronger and smarter Spacebotz. Now you see why smart-phones aren't so smart an idea after all. When these machines go off the deep end, there's no way to stop them. That is until you start the path to control them. Start with wagers of either a penny or as much as a dollar per coin value. The pay line maze allows up to 250 coins covering a total of 25 lines, respectively. Now you can begin your quest to dominate these tin men of the future.

The Spacebotz Scatter gives multiplier amounts for each one gathered. A wild symbol will make the substitute winnings create more suitable as well. There is also a Scatter bonus game when 3 or more are collected, these allow up to 5 free spins and all robot symbols become wild! You stand the chance to win big if you loaded these paylines at max value!

Ready to save the world, how about the universe instead? Your best played stakes will tell if you've got what it takes. And plus the bonus round is going to get totally wild!
Watch the space race begin with bigger, better, Spacebotz (online slot game)!