Make your first step into mankind’s newest quest with Space Race

Space camp is only the first steps you’ll take before you make your money happen in this spacey game. Take some freeze-dried goodies and plenty of spare-air with you since the mega-sized wins are going to take your breath away. Space walk your way into rich voids of the universe itself.
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Space race - online video slot by Play'n Go

Time for a trip into space where you can collect some out-of-this-world oddities along the way. Space might be the final frontier but in this wonderful slot game you have only the chance that no one will hear you scream when you win some stellar prize winnings from outer space!

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Take this trip with plenty of courage and boldly go where no man has gone before. It takes a lot to see stars, but in this game you get some planet-sized wins among the 20 star-lined paylines. Keep a keen lookout for the wild symbols showing the wild logo. It looks much like the icon from some deep space hotel logo but for sure you can rest easily knowing this symbol is used to connect your planet friends when you need an extra hand at matches. There is also the bonus symbol that looks like a NASA missile and also the scatter symbols in clever shapes of flaming asteroids. These can trigger the bonus game whenever they rain over the screen 3 or more times through the reels. There’s no aliens in this game but feel like you have someone else there since the prizes won surely come from some place other than this world. Its plenty fun to play as well.

Why not make your level of space even bigger when you can contain the universe. Suit up and in your space suit and turn this into a mission of collecting spare riches from outer space.
A long time ago, in a galaxy farther away than that other one...