You are the alien in Space Evader Gold trying to get to your mother ship

Space Evader Gold by Microgaming is an instant win board game that is made up of 3 different spaces, a continue space, a jump space and a danger space. Avoid the danger spaces and try to make it to your ship. The farther you make it down the board, the higher the prizes get.
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Space evader gold

Beware of electrical currents, poisonous gas, a crack in the earth, falling asteroids, marsh monsters and such in Space Evader Gold instant win board game and receive 1 of 10  jackpot prizes. Play in manual or turbo mode as you travel across an alien planet and try to reach your ship with increasingly higher prizes the farther you go avoiding the planet’s perils.

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Filled with fabulous details, Space Evader Gold instant board game by Microgaming has a great running storyline plus a jackpot win, 1 of up to 10 jackpot amounts, for landing on the Jackpot Space.  Find a golden crystal to warp directly to the jackpot. Stake between 50c and $10 for an initial bet . Cover the entire board within 8 rolls of the dice and escape back to your planet by avoiding this alien planet’s perils. The last passed prize wins with the trail payouts increasing the farther you go down the path.

Win 1 of 10 jackpots at any moment by uncovering a golden crystal. Avoid all kinds of perils or else the game will end. Players receive 8 spins per game. The goal is to reach the highest multipliers at the end of the board.
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