Solar Snaps sci-fi slots game with respins, free spins

This is the kind of game that comes under my KISS category (Keep It Simple Stupid) for online slots. If you do everything smart, from the sound to the graphics to the reels, you really do not need too much more to succeed.
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Alien-adventure slot, Solar Snap, simple enough with features

Sometimes you play a game and although it’s not the most feature filled with high tech graphics, you really enjoy playing it over and over.  Solar Snaps is just that game as it brings simplicity but keeps drawing you back to play.  My first impression was that with its monkey astronaut and its original presentation of the standard slot machine, it would be full of features, bonuses and second screen games.  Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, but although lacking in these features, it was surprisingly fun to play.

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Advertising 8557 ways to win you would think that Solar Snaps would contain endless amount of features and bonuses.  Not too sure how they came up with that number, but it certainly grabs your attention.  Besides the usual multiples given for 3 or more matching symbols and the free spins bonuses, there really isn’t much else to this game other than it’s a standard slot machine.

If you are lucky enough for 3 or more rocket symbols, than the player wins 10 solar spins. As usual, all wins are held and the wheel keeps spinning to improve your earnings. Keep in mind that you are still on the same spin as this is happening, while racking in some money.
As I said, there really isn’t much to this game when compared to other feature filled slots. But Solar Snaps has a certain attraction with its goofy characters and deep blue colors. Although it’s not going to win any awards in the near future, this online slot does its best to keep it real!