Take your best Soccer Shot, score massive multiplier win like Becks

This title is an arcade-style game that offers rich picking from a relatively simple point of view. Gameplay is basic but hugely entertaining, and any budding strikers out there will love to get their hands on the top 20x multiplier.
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Soccer Shot arcade game – He lines up, he shoots, scores!

This game is certainly not a slot, but rather more of an instant win game. GamesOS’ Soccer Shot offers a truly unique gaming experience that cannot really be found anywhere else on the net. In this game, the objective is to score as many goals as possible, into each of the marked areas. The game works kind of like pinball in this regard, but make no mistake, despite its weak graphics, the slot is hugely original and great entertainment.

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The player has 3 options that they must decide before they can place Soccer Shot. Firstly, they must decide how many balls they wish to play with in this game. This is virtually the amount of times they would like to play, and works kind of like an auto play button. The options are from 1 to 99 balls. Once this is decided, players can choose their stakes, which range from 0.10 up to 1,000 a ball!

Finally, the player must choose the formation they wish to play with. The first is a 5-3-3 formation, which offers goals worth x5, x10 and X15 in value. The second formation is a 4-3-4 formation and offers goal multipliers of x10, x10 and x20. Finally, you can choose to play in a 3-4-4 formation, which offers x10, x15 and x20 multipliers. The objective is to shoot the ball, bouncing it off the players (markers) into one of the multiplier goals. After each round is done, the player has the option of playing the balls they have won or collecting the multiplier winnings instead.

The trick with this game is to wager lots of balls on small stakes. The more balls you wager the best chance you have of winning. The good news is that in most cases you are almost certainly going to end up with your money back. You’d have to be extremely unlucky not to break even in this instant win game.
Soccer Shot arcade casino game: A great football-themed instant win game, hours of fun...