Be totally spaced-out in this treatment for boredom called: So 80's.

Where were you in the 80's? If you answered that you weren't born yet then you missed nothing except the soft-core version of the 70's. This game kills the thought of reliving it again. It still is a huge jackpot of 25 grand and that's about all it should be worth playing for.
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So 80's - online video slot machine by Rival free spins included

The 1980's had it all, well sort of. For every bad fad that ever could have been dragged out of the closet is the bad tasting and incredibly over-blown hair styles of the 80's. At least the music was alright, but go figure that there is still the memory of it happening.

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Even if you did like the 80's this may just be your chance to relive the bad taste that still lingers even in the decade today. Don't forget that at least PAC MAN is still considered a real video game. Speaking of games, this one offers the huge jackpot of 25 grand and has a total of 15 paylines to spike you hair with. Lay those long lines down like so many cocaine lines at popular disco clubs like Studio 54. Forget the bad humour with the Wild symbol that is the Space Invader icon from Atari. Also get the break dancer symbol that may just make-off with some spray paint cans and your hubcaps as well. That scatter is worth free spins on the reels and it also can multiply to you hearts content. There is no bonus game that  brings back sickening moments but simply just the tacky colors of neon and polka-dot filled clothing. Too bad Hulk Hogan still is alive to confirm that this deacde really happened and he  was famous from that time as well.

There were better fashions in the 60's than in the 80's but then again the amount of extras in this game are well planned and have great free spins included!
Totally wicked and Soooo 80's -For sure, Oh my God!