Snakes and Ladders a play off of Chutes and Ladders

Beware of the Venus Flytraps and of sliding down the snakes and ladders rather than ascending up the board. Roll the dice and move the monkey forward through the jungle. Win cash for collecting bananas and receive £1000.00 for reaching the end of the line at 50 spaces where the biggest bunch of bananas is.
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Instant win, virtual casino board game, Snakes and Ladders

This is a colorful and cute way to play something that looks a bit familiar to the board game, Chutes and Ladders. It’s Snakes and Ladders and is an instant win board game where getting the monkey to number 50 means an instant win of £1000.

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Choose a bet amount between £1.00 and £100.00 before playing then buy a ticket. Either roll the dice to start the game or click auto mode in order to climb through this jungle as fast as possible. Reach the 50 spot on the playing field and win the highest possible amount - £1000.00. Avoid the Venus Flytraps or the little monkey gets devoured. Slide up and down the board on snake slides and ladders and collect bananas on the way to win the biggest bunch of bananas and cash.

It’s a cute, little flip-jumping monkey who likes to flip bananas in the air and climb up a jungle-themed, excellently animated casino board game.
Win £1000 if the monkey makes it to number 50 and then the biggest bunch of bananas is yours.