Bully your way into a 3000 coin jackpot in Slotboss 5-reel for a low wager

Start you own big business with a little help from some mob money. Slotboss 5-reel is shooting the reels with a fixed 25 payline spread. Play for $1.25 a spin for low-roller action, and win a possible 3000 coin jackpot. Free spin games pile-on potential returns.
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Slotboss online slot makes big bonus wins - mob-themed slot machine

Forget Guys and Dolls, those sissy Mob musicals don't know  the sound of money! Slotboss 5-reel shoots over a sinister 25 paylines and can deliver a possible 3000 coin jackpot. Free spin games top your pot for extra killer line wins. Shoot some demo games for fun!

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Back when Jazz music and the Mob really took-off, run-running and underground clubs thrived because someone was the big boss. Here you may get a piece of the action in Slotboss 5-reel. This 25 payline spread already features set routes to protect your assets.

Just pick a wager amount and start spinning. There isn't much to the game icons you'll see. Match anything three times on any line and the win is shown. Bigger matches can come around from the Wild symbol. This substitute helps make matches while serving a higher purpose.

With 5 on a payline, it pays the 3000 coin jackpot on whatever you have staked per line. Showing three or more of the scatter icons will provide you with free spin games. No multipliers are given, however, anything won is extra money you'll take away.

Slotboss online slot is packed with pure reel 5-reel fun. Combo wins over 25 lines, with great winning odds. Spin bonus adds extra cash flow!
Slotboss 5-reel slot with 3000 coin jackpot and free spin bonus.