Six Shooter Looter is a Hooter

Become the star sheriff in Six Shooter Looter and reach the bank without getting shot by arrows from Indians, plowed down by a locomotive or shot dead by a lone cowboy.
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Six shooter looter

Microgaming’s Six Shooter Looter instant win board game is a little misleading at first with an innocent childlike western scene but if your six shooter lands on a cow’s skull on the board he will either be shot in the chest with three arrows from Indians or further down be run over by a fast-moving locomotive or shot by another sharp shooter once he's passed the train tracks. The farther he goes the higher the multiplier goes up. The end of the board is the bank for a 25,000 multiplier.

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Instant win games like Six Shooter Looter are a fast and fun way to win casino cash. Draw your gun in a Wild West town in Six Shooter Looter video board game and wrangle up wins by betting between 50c and $10. Click on new game after you’ve set your bet and set the play to either turbo mode or off to decide whether you roll one step at a time or all in one shot. Receive 8 rolls to get as far as you can down the board or even to the end. If you land on a cow’s skull on the board, the game ends. Receive ever-increasing multipliers as you move down the board.

It’s Six Shooter Looter by Microgaming where a 25,000 multiplier against your initial bet makes every draw a prize worth shooting for.
This is a Wild West instant win game with a sense of humor with great audio and special visual effects.