A colourful but scattered classic slot that is impossible to play

Six Bomb is what happens when a gaming software developer – in this case, Microgaming – tries to shove too much information into a classic slot machine. The end result is a colourful but hideously crowded screen, where it hard to tell just what exactly is going on at any particular time...
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The Six Bomb classic slot by Microgaming – Two sets of reels, at the cost of one

The most attractive part of playing the Six Bomb classic slot machine is that you can get to potentially play on two separate sets of reels, all for the price of one spin. The total jackpot offered in this classic slot is 4,000 coins, which can equate to a massive £40,000 – if the player has the maximum wager staked when they win of course.

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Microgaming’s Six Bomb will permit stakes from as low as 0.10, up to a maximum wager of 10.00 per spin. None of this should come as a surprise either though, considering that most of Microgaming’s classic slots follow this example.

What might comes as a surprise, is that Microgaming have made certain that Six Bomb comes with wild icons, multipliers and a bonus round; making it a very complete slot machine game, certainly for a classic slot anyway. Wilds pay double and well as substitute themselves for winning symbols and the bonus round involves playing on the upper set of reels, if you win on the lower reels.

Visually, Six Bomb is an absolute nightmare. Two sets of reels occupy the centre of the screen; a pay table is crammed into the upper left, the logo is crammed into the bottom left, wild card and jackpot info is shoved into the right corner, and another pay table is shoved into the bottom right. That, coupled with the bad colour choices makes it visually unappealing.
Six Bomb classic slot online: Great value for money, though slightly off with the design!