Dealer vs. player in the ultimate casino table game battle

Stripped down and no-frills (well, one frill: you can split unlike 10s) is Rival Software's Single Deck Blackjack, a harkening back to simpler times except you're on a computer.
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Single Hand Blackjack

It's back to basics with a six-deck shoe and a single hand for the player in Rival Software's appropriately-named Single Hand Blackjack. Sometimes a return to the old classics is a good idea.

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It's typical blackjack in this game, so the player can expect to receive two cards face up with which to start a hand totaling as close to 21 points in value without going over that number and while beating the dealer's hand.
In Rival's Single Hand Blackjack, there's a six-deck shoe shuffled after every hand. A push between dealer and player results in a "no bet" outcome, while insurance is not available in this game. The player may double down for one card, even after splitting a hand. And unlike 10-value cards may be split as well.
Single Hand Blackjack pays out at 3:2 on blackjack unless dealer blackjacks, in which case the hand is a push. A hand of ace-plus-10-card is scored as 21 and loses to the dealer's blackjack.
The dealer hits soft 17.
My friend Ted's go-to line when on a vicious losing streak at the casino: "You know, in some countries, they have this game called '22'..."
Stand, hit, double, split -- That's the blackjack rag!