Stake up to $500 bucks per round in this single-hand blackjack variant

There's no easier way to win when all it takes is a little guts to face this dealer. Hit, hold, or double up, you still have it easy if the cards don't go bust. Join the pack when playing Single Hand Blackjack 5-500 table game, for an experience like no other.
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Now play with real stake power in Single Hand Blackjack $5-$500

Step-up to the big boys table for a chance to win even bigger hands of Blackjack. Try the Single Hand Blackjack 5-500 table game. It's not too hard to play and has stakes up to 500 bucks per hand to win. Ready to take down this table big-time?

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Real stakes for an even bigger piece of the pie! Finally you can wager up to 500 bucks per hand (or at least dream of the idea with the demo game) with the Single Hand Blackjack 5-500 table game. Now there's no reason you can't be a hight roller when playing this blackjack game. Still managing wagers with 5 bucks per hand are always offered here, while the high rollers will love excessive stakes up to 500 bucks a pop on hands that may give some excellent return pay. Just as any Blackjack hand may provide, you can split if the cards can allow you.
Double-up on any hand that is worth a chance to double the bet, and take insurance should it prove that the deal might have the upper hand. For landing insurance you still get 2:1 pay, while any natural blackjack on the first cards dealt pays 3:2 per stake. Any win gets to play the gamble game where you may double your win or not. Have a blast at this blackjack game!

What better way to see if you have what it takes to be a high roller. Try this game at stakes of 500 per hand in demo play and see the value of fun wins for free!
Single Hand Blackjack $5-$500: More action than in the real casino with these Blackjack hands!