Raise the bar with Blackjack hands that can be worth more!

No time to lose when all you need is 21 to win. This is where the Single Hand Blackjack 1-40 table game gets the stakes you love playing with. Anything between 1-40 dollars per hand is allowed while double-ups on splits and single hands are just as juicy.
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One hand can win it all in Single Hand Blackjack $1-$40 table game

Even better wagering odds to play in the game of Single hand Blackjack 1-40. Here the top wager amount is 40 bucks with a 3:2 blackjack payout. Dealer stands on 17 and you can double-up if you have a strong hand. Want bet you'll be a hit at this game?

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Take the time to try the Single Hand Blackjack 1-40 table game. It's worth the chance to play higher amounts for up to 40 bucks per max level on each hand. Try it for free in demo play too. Even if you don't know the rules, it's hard to pass-up a game of 21 without knowing much else. Here you can have great odds to win when looking for the tell-tale signs of a good hand. If the dealer card shows an Ace, you can take the insurance for a 2:1 payout that's still even money. You may split on any double cards showing with a double-up allowed, except for any aces shown.
A double-up can be taken if you feel your hand is worth the extra wager. The dealer must stand on a strong 17 but hit on anything softer. If you hit 21 (or a blackjack) on the first cards drawn it's a blackjack win. Anything else after the next cards drawn is not considered a blackjack. When both the player and dealer hit blackjack it's a push and you don't lose your initial wager.

Any hand played still has the same chances to beat this crafty dealer. Hit, double, and perhaps win blackjack on the first cards drawn, this card game never gets old!
Single Hand Blackjack $1-$40: The one online casino game that adds a touch of style to every round...