Roll the bones in China's answer to craps

Ready for an Oriental take on craps and roulette? The Asian game of chance, played with dice but with bet offerings akin to roulette, is called Sic Bo; play at any Playtech online casino today!
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Sic Bo, a dice game by Playtech for casino table game fun online

Sic bo (骰寶), also known as tai sai (大細) or dai siu (大小) is a game of chance of ancient Chinese origin played with three dice.  The literal meaning of sic bo is "precious dice." Today, sic bo is a casino game which is particularly popular in Asia and widely played in Macau and Philippines casinos; the game can now be found in most American casinos and nearly all reputable online outlets.

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In principle, betting on Sic Bo is more than a bit like roulette. Though you can bet in various ways, all wagers all centered on the outcome of the next dice throw. Choices for betting include the following.

-- bet on any single number 1-6 appearing on any die. Payout equals number of dice showing the chosen number times your wager.

-- bet on any of 30 combinations of two unlike numbers showing up on any two of the dice. Winners are paid at 5x wager.

-- bet on "any triplet" to win 24x wager or select a specific three-of-a-kind, a.k.a. a roll of 2-2-2 to win a whopping 150x wager.

-- bet on the total sum of all three dice between 4 and 17 (rolls totaling 3 and 18 are covered within the triplet bets); payoffs on winning bets here are between 6x and 50x wager depending on number chosen.

-- finally, bet on "small" or "big" to win double your wager. A roll of 4-10 is "small" and 11-17 is "big."

When you're finished, press PLAY to roll the virtual dice.

Does Bo know Sic Bo? If he does, get on board with the man and prepare to ride the waves of chance and fate in this game of luck from Ancient China.
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