Forget about any ancient Chinese math when you play Sic Bo

Talk about complicated, this game isn’t so hard once you see that it’s really just making your guess at the final numbers of 3 dice that are thrown and put your chips on the symbols that the dice will end up being. This game can be totally addictive once you get into it.
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Sic Bo - online asian game by NYX Interactive direct from China

How much do you like dice games with an authentic asian feel to it? Here is the classic game revived for all the glory that it can produce in some great graphics and excellent odds of winning as well. Sic Bo is truly the dice game of chance direct from China.

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In this game you have the wager you need to place in order to make the game work properly. Well, it is a casino game and uless you like to play for free you won’t make any money on the wins otherwise. Since you can place a bet for the first game and that is all set you then press the roll button. It’s really like roulette in a way. Place your chips anywhere on the board where you feel the 3 dice will be rolled. Once the dice are thrown you’ll see the results of the dice numbers that come up. If your wager of chips fall on the numbers you selected, it will pay out for the amount it was worth. The name Sic Bo in chinese means leterally: dice pair. With just 3 dice thrown you have an easy combination to bet with so this game can quickly become a favorite once you get past the chinese theme and see this more like a roulette table.

Trying new games is never too hard when you play this fantastic Chinese dice game that is full of wise-dice filled rolls. Classy and easy to win with this game.
Roll yourself into a proper Sic Bo playing pro