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Microgaming journeys to the Orient and returns with one of Asia's most popular casino games in Sic Bo. Predict the roll of three dice and let 'em roll!
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Asian casino dice game - Sic Bo - a favorite way to roll for cash

The favorite dice game of Asia is now available for players worldwide thanks to Microgaming-powered online casinos. Wager on what you reckon the next roll of the dice will reveal; it's kind of like craps though the betting options are a bit simpler and more minimalistic.

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First choose the bets you'll want to make. The possibilities and payouts are as follows:

• Bet on any single number from 1 to 6 appearing on any die. The payout is the number of dice showing that number times your wager.

• A bet may be made on a combination of two particular numbers. If the two numbers come up on any two of the dice, the bet is paid off at 5x wager.
• Wagers may be made on the total of all three dice. The player can bet on any specific total from 4 to 17. The payoff on this bet varies from 6:1 to 50:1, depending upon the total bet.
• Bet on "small" or "big". If the dice total between 4 and 10, that's a win for "small." A combination of between 11 and 17 is "big."
• Bet on a three-of-a-kind roll for 150x payout on wins or select "any triplet" for a 24x win.
• Bet on any pair of numbers at odds of 8x.
Once you've selected your wagers, just press PLAY and you'll see if you won.
Three dice are about to be rolled. How will they land? You can bet on it at Microgaming-powered online casinos.
Maximum payout on one outcome in Sic Bo is $1400