Outstanding performances go to the 100,000 coin jackpot in Showtime Reels.

Every movie usually has a happy ending, even if you're rooting for the bad guy. As luck would have it, the Showtime Reels classic online slot game can pay off big if you keep 3 coin bets steady as you go.
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Always make sure to shine with a 3 coin play in Showtime Reels.

These are the perfect summer releases you've been waiting for in Showtime Reels. A 3-reel slot that is set in your own personal movie theater. Match any three symbols for your winning ticket (so-to-speak). Top wins here can pay-out up to 100,000 coins!

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It used to be, going to the Saturday matinee was a thrilling experience. Now you can expect expensive burnt popcorn and watered-down cola. With Showtime Reels your big show is paying some impressive profits that can be as much as 100,000x the stake! That's show business for you.

The wagers here can start with 10 cents and total as much as 10 dollars per spin divided over three coins! Better winning amounts happen when you place lower amounts with 3 coins rather than one or two with higher amounts.

The Cola and Popcorn symbol here is the top paying icon. There are no wilds here although the spins themselves are the real stars of this show. Sit back and watch them add up when the lights go down. Showtime Reels will thrill you no matter what the price you pay, and for sure there's always a double or triple feature!

Your seat is already reserved in this one-of-a-kind theater where you become the star of the show. Win some pretty big combos while you're at it!
No sticky seats here unless you happen to hit the jackpot!