You’ve played it at the carnival, it’s time to Shoot 4 Gold

Shooting three rubber ducks in the Shoot 4 Gold, is certainly a lot easier than doing it in real life. Unfortunately, there you need three and not one to win here. The prize is randomly determined, so that isn’t that good either.
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The Shoot 4 Gold instant win game– Shoot 3 ducks, win a prize! Where have heard that one before?

It certainly isn’t the most imaginative title for an online instant win game ever created, and it does have a slight ring about it, that is reminiscent of cheesy television adverts, trying to get you to part with your valuables. However, Shoot 4 Gold is actually a duck shooting themed instant win game, the very same kind you have often played at carnivals or fun fairs – only digital, of course.

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Rather disappointingly, Shoot 4 Gold has a fixed wager price. Players cannot wager whatever they see fit, and instead, all attempts to play this game and win serious money, will set players back 2.00 a pop.

For your 2.00 wager, you get 6 shots at the shooting the rubber ducks. By shooting, we mean that you can click on them to see if you have a winner. There are a total of 3 golden stars hiding behind the eight ducks, and you must land them in six attempts. It’s a bit harsh, but do-able – just not all of the time. The potential win box hides the amount you can win, and it is randomised, which we’re not too thrilled about either.

For a 2.00 stake, the chances that you could be walking away with your same 2.00 stake back again after a win is quite high. This seems to be offered more often than not. It seems that the higher the winnings, the less winning you actually encounter, which is bizarre considering that there are supposed to be three golden stars in every game.
Shoot 4 Gold instant-win casino game: Fun for about five minutes, repetitive after that...