This is no Ocean's Eleven in Sevens Wild video poker; here everyone wins!

Sure thing there's some wild sevens involved in this poker slot. Combinations that can have a real impact are the royal 7 flush which pays at top coins stakes, 125x the pay. A royal flush is the big feast here with 4000x the jackpot if you happen to land that combination.
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Your next hold on these Seven Wild hands could get the 4000 coin flush combo.

Just when you had just about given up looking for a poker slot that has something cool to offer, you found Sevens Wild! Guess what? These sevens are wild, and go figure they substitute for all other cards. Hold your cards with chances that you get three of any kind in order to win.

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The Sevens Wild isn't just about the wild sevens here. It does help that they give great substitute replacements yet you do need 3 of a kind for any win. The special combos include combinations such as 5 of a kind, Royal 7 flushes and even landing four 7's on your hand. The double or nothing game is amusing and a bit risky if you make it to the next wager. Choose from 4 cards to reveal a higher card than the dealer.

Lose and you lose your winnings from the last winning hand. How lame is that! Stick to the basics and focus on the plays themselves. You might just get lucky and win something that wasn't expected, which is always very nice. Another important note is that the pay table is rather jaded when it comes to pays. Be sure to stake over the 5 coin bets so that all wins will have the top pay involved.

Bet one or even bet max, these buttons always make the play no matter what amount you pay. Hold onto your winnings by avoiding the gamble game at each winning point.
Drag-on out the wild 7's in the Sevens Wild online poker game...