Don’t jump the gun when you bet on this run of Scratch the Derby

Hear the trumpets call the horses to the field when you find the winning pick is your own. Get the grand feel of a fine Sunday at the races with this classy tribute to the track. Get the feeling of being a real winnner when you uncover the winning pony for extra fast cash of Scratch the Derby.
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Scratch the Derby - online scratch card by OpenBet Bejeweled

Get ready for the greatest horse race ofthem all. This is the starting call for the horse of a different color. Match 3 symbols for more than just some spare change left over, this is the chance to make some serious money on these ponies.

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The excitement of the horse races comes alive in this great race to make some cash prizes worth the winning calls. Scratch this Derby and you have the best bet in town. Take your winnings and then you’ll be eating like a horse from the pile you have stowed away. All your lucky symbols are ready to take to the stands. Lucky Horseshoes, winning bubbley, first prize ribbons, lucky top hats, trophies, and don’t forget your best running horses too.  Set the amount you decide to stake and then start the race right away. Click the images to see the amounts shown. When you match 3 numbers you are the winner in this race, but don’t worry, there is always another to be run. If you decide to see the win quicker just push the autoplay button for an instant race that shows if you win or not much faster.

Fast races start with faser horses. Make your footing steading for big wins when they match 3 symbols in each game. it’s a jolly good time at the racetrack again!
There’s no horsing around in this serious scratch game!