There’s no feeling like the one you’ll get from Scratch Ball

Don’t wait for the football season to start because this winning streak scratcher game is always playing in your schedule book. Let your imagination run wild with the winnings from the spirit of football history. Scratch Ball is your newest record yet. Try and beat the clock with how many wins you can make.
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Scratchball - online scratch card game by OpenBet

Feel the cheers of the crowd and the fame and glory of victory. But in a scratcher game? Yes that’s right. If you like football you have to enjoy the modern version of this game with clever symbols that match your wins to the ones that make it all worth playing for.

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Get the team ready to make some changes to the game play today. It’s easy to pick the bet of your choice when you decide to have your winning team run with the true symbols of winners. Team logos, trophies, whistles, running shoes, football pies, and action players all cover your players card. Just match 3 of any of these symbols and the team wins big-time. The added button (Reveal All)  will open the entire block and uncover all the symbols at once- so there’s no slowing you down in the game plan. Play for hours with this fun alternative to getting a twisted ankle, or sore legs. You can enjoy this high spirited game anytime you feel the need for instant victory and sublime prizes that give footballers the chance to feel the passion of the sport like no other, without the fear of spilling any of your beer while you play.

Non-stop action is what football is all about, but Scratch Ball is all about getting the winnings back in your pocket where the passion belongs. That’s real team sprit!
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