Scary Money instant scratcher can award $5000 jackpot prize win

Thrilling, chilling scratch results are the perfect way to get cheap thrills on the Scary Money instant win scratch card. Even if you don't win, every card offers free bonus game rounds to gain something in return. Top payout for the max prize here is 5000 dollars.
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Bone-chilling wins are all part of Scary Money instant win card

That hooded killer is turning over a new leaf. Instead of being a terrible stalker, you can chase his wealth down instead. Win extra rounds, instant cash, and a possible 5000 dollar top jackpot. There's 8 ways to win on this Scary Money instant win card. Play today.

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The only thing scarier then not playing the Scary Money instant win card is not even trying the demo game. First of all, this card has fun animations that make the card more thrilling. Secondly, there are 8 possible wins that can be awarded over the game itself. There is a bonus free round on all tickets that don't win something. When this happens you may get 5-20 rounds to win a prize. Clovers are instant wins on the number field that's revealed. Whatever the clover number is becomes the amount that is added to the final prize win.
You must have at least 2 clovers present to win that prize. Another method to win is from the Scary guy symbol who appears twice as well. He'll pay 100 bucks when you see him double! Use the reveal all button to speed-up the process or otherwise press the icons manually. The cost of any game here is 25 cents for each card played, which isn't that scary at all for an instant win game. Good luck.

Never be left out in the cold ever again. Any losing card can award you free game rounds for another shot at spooky coin wins. This Scary guy knows how to scare up wins.
Scream if you want, this scary guy has your personal numbers!