Pick your cards, let balls fall where they may in Samba Bingo keno game

One of the most popular keno-style games available online, Samba Bingo, is an exciting game of chance. Pick four cards, watch the numbers fall, and form patterns with the drawn numbers for wins. Take advantage of the “extra ball” feature but be warned: This can get expensive.
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Samba Bingo – Online casino game based roughly on keno

It’s called “Samba Bingo,” but it’s a bit more like keno if you ask us … In Samba Bingo, the player gets up to four cards with 15 numbers on each. The familiar virtual ping-pong balls emerge from the machine and wins are awarded accordingly for up to 20,000x the wager – and then there’s the temptation of the “extra ball” to help close out winning combinations.

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Bingo Samba is actually a random-number, keno-type game that pays out based on patterns formed on between one and four “bingo” cards generated by the software. Payouts are based on 14 patterns for anywhere from 3x to 20,000x the wager on wins – cover all spaces on a card on the first draw to take home this latter amount.

In terms of gameplay, it’s simple. Choose your wager and the number of cards to play between one and four. Thirty balls numbered 1 through 50 make up the pot and are randomly drawn in each round.

Any numbers on a played card that match those drawn will be marked with a red cross to from the aforementioned patterns for payout. Multiple wins are possible on a card, and the player will be offered an extra ball (for a price based on the possibility of further wins and amount wagered) after 30 balls for up to 10 bonus numbers in all.

What are your lucky numbers? Hope they (and the stars) align for you when playing Samba Bingo, something of a misnamed online casino game by Microgaming with a top payout of 20,000x the wager.
Waiting for number 42 to come up in Samba Bingo at the online casino…