The Sabbatical instant win game– Scratch, match, win and win

Sabbatical is an instant win scratch card game. It allows players to win up to 50,000 credits and has a slightly different gameplay structure to other online scratch card games.
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Take a year off on Sabbatical with this scratch card game

Sabbatical is actually an online scratch card of sorts. There are up to 18 ways to win in this game. You can tell straight away by looking at it that the gameplay structure is different to other scratch cards. There is even the guarantee of a win every third round. That is something you really don’t find with standard instant win games.

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There are no issues about choosing how much you wish to stake with the Sabbatical online game. Card prices are fixed at 1.00 per game. You can change your tickets if you choose for something else but that doesn’t really do you any favours in the long run.

Once you have picked your ticket and paid for it, the game is underway. Players can opt to click on the winning numbers first or their own numbers. They could also opt to reveal all, at the click of a button, which makes the game speed up dramatically. The basic idea is to match the winning numbers with your numbers. There are also two special icons which will reward the player with free rounds on the game or an instant 4.00 credit win.

Call it a scratch card or a lottery based game if you like, either way it is incredibly simple. There won’t be too many people scratching their heads to figure this game out. It is far more likely that they’ll be digitally scratching the windows instead.
A scratch card that offers you more than you’d expect