Strike gold in the Runaway Train 3-reel slot's jackpot wins

Chug-away through the rusted tracks of Runaway Train slot. As luck would have it, any jackpot strike in this 3-reel can award a different amount as long as that line is active. You might even get wild with wins here since this is one little engine than could!
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Crazy Runaway Train 3-reel thrills atop this gold-covered canyon

Now there's no slowing down the 3-reel action when playing the Runaway Train classic slot. Any jackpot won here over each of the paylines can award a different amount. Only the 4th payline here gives the 2500 coin win when 3 of the Runaway Train symbols hit.

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Looks like somebody really must love the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride at Disneyland, this is one of the few kid rides that even adults get a thrill from riding!

You can relive similar thrills while playing the Runaway train classic slot which plays from 5 paylines on all. The coins placed onto them start at one penny upwards to 1 dollar for each line total. You can easily see that the Train is Wild and produces substitutes when they land on any reel. In this case, any sub win will pay 2x for one wild it does match.

Bars of gold win individual amounts when matched in threes, while mixed-bag gold bars still win something. Lucky number 7's pick-up the total win of 150x the stake for a triple 7 line match. You won't find this kind of game in any of the Disney resorts, so that's one plus for enthusiasts who love the twist on anything with a Disneyana feel. Come and try it to go off the rails for wins today! 

How about that -- a train that just won't stop! Join the fun and fantastic spins of Runaway Train slot. Multiple win line pay is found on every payline track!
Stay on the right track to Runaway Train riches when playing this slot!